Camps & Courses

Camps & Courses

We offer a wide variety of camps and courses.

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Leadership Development Courses

These courses are aimed at the newly appointed Leadership Group of the school. Focus is placed on team building and leadership skills. The program is a balance between lectures and physical activities which strengthens the bond between learners. These courses are presented from January to May and again from late October to November. These camps are generally presented over a Three day / Two night period during the week or over weekends.


Leadership Identification Camps

The purpose of this course is to identify learners with strong leadership skills/capabilities within the entire grade group. Through a variety of activities learners are evaluated and a list, ranking ALL the learners, is presented to the school for use in the selection of their new Leadership Group. Courses are presented throughout the year but normally takes place between August and late October. These courses are presented over Three days / Two nights OR Two days / One night OR One day ONLY.


Teambuilding Camps

These camps are specifically aimed at Grade 6 – 8 groups and are focused around the strengthening of team cohesion through a variety of activities where teamwork and support form the core. Camps are normally presented over a Three day / Two night period during the week or over weekends.


Educational Tours

Tours are mainly aimed at Grade 4 and 5 learners and a unique program has been developed to cater for this groups specific learning areas. Tours are presented throughout the year but only takes place during the week. Length of the tours varies between Two days / One night or Three days / Two night periods. We are also able to develop a unique tour program to cater for your specific needs.


Choir Camps

Although we are not directly involved in presenting programs to our visiting choirs, Wag ‘n Bietjie remains the number one destination for some of South Africa’s top Choirs! Our facilities cater for the unique needs of choirs – pianos, choir benches, keyboards, ample practice halls and mouthwatering meals will make your Choir Camp an unforgettable experience!

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Facilities only available to School and Church groups. We are not a camping site for tents, caravans, individuals or families